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Climbing the Matterhorn

~ Saturday 6th July 2019

Probably the most famous mountain in the world...Matterhorn, Cervin, Cervino, so good they named it three times! Yes, it can be busy and the hut is very expensive (although the WiFi is "free") but standing on top of the Matterhorn is a great feeling and a highlight of many Alpine climbers' summer.

It's an unusual climb in lots of ways - no glacier, a 3 minute "walk-in" from the hut, fixed ropes - and perhaps that's why it is often underestimated. In fact, the climb is 1200m of sustained hard work and concentration. There's no easy walking where you can switch off, and success needs good fitness, strong legs, accurate route-finding and some careful ropework. Then of course, there's the descent - the mountaineering truism "the top is only halfway there" is never truer than on the Matterhorn!

Mont Blanc

~ Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Second time lucky this year on Mont Blanc. The first attempt failed in wild and windy weather, seeing us retreating down the Gouter ridge in conditions best described as "Scottish". A week later saw a complete change of scene. Warm and windless, we had a relaxed half hour standing on the summit and James didn't even wear gloves!

It's always a challenge getting to the top of Mont Blanc and it needs weather, snow conditions, acclimatisation and fitness to come together at the right moment, but it's a good feeling when it works out!

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