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Weather Woes!

~ Saturday 29th July 2017

After getting used to the spring heatwave it was a shock last week to be shivering in clouds and fresh snow - the last week of July was the coldest week of the summer (so far) Snow, wind and spectacular rime ice brought tough conditions to the high mountains, challenging mountaineers and confusing the weather forecasters too!

Monte Rosa Dufourspitze

~ Wednesday 19th July 2017

Dufourspitze is the second highest peak in the Alps, the highest point in the Monte Rosa massif and most importantly for the 48 Peaks Later team, the highest land in Switzerland!

The fine summit sits a loooonng way above the Monte Rosa hut - an 1845m ascent finishing with some excellent and very exposed climbing on the final ridge.

Mont Blanc Week #3

~ Saturday 15th July 2017

The third Frostguiding Mont Blanc week started on a negative note - with poor conditions persisting in the Gouter couloir, it was clearly going to be third time unlucky on Mont Blanc. Of course there is always the "3 Monts" route, but this week marks the 5th anniversary of the death of Roger Payne and 8 other mountaineers on Mont Maudit - a sobering reminder of the dangers of that route.

Instead we chose to go to the Nadelhorn after "warming up" on a snowy Mont Blanc de Cheilon (at least we climbed 1 Mont Blanc!) This turned out to be a fine plan B, and with a via ferrata day yesterday made for a great week.

Mont Blanc Week

~ Saturday 1st July 2017

Mixed weather and continuing poor conditions on Mont Blanc meant another "failed" Mont Blanc week....but that doesn't tell the whole story...

Every week starts with 3 aims...

1: Be Safe!

2: Have fun.

3: Climb the mountain. that order!

By Friday we were still friends and had climbed 3 mountains (although not the big one) and were making plans for the next trip, so despite "failure" we'd had a great week, learned lots, had fun and above all stayed safe. The Big One will still be there next year.

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