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North Face Week

~ Thursday 30th June 2016

We warmed up for this week's North Faces Course on the La Gouille Arete of Mont Vélan - not exactly a North Face, but plastered in snow and ice after the recent storms, it felt like one!

Confident that conditions had at last turned good, we made the long drive south to the Gran Paradiso for the classic NW face. This had been on the ticklist for a while!

Gran Paradiso north face

EU Referendum

~ Friday 24th June 2016

News of the result reached us by text this morning, halfway up the Weissmies, and a small team of shocked Brits exchanged a few words on the summit.

Of course, we'll be continuing with the summer programme of guided climbing and mountaineering courses, and trying to offer the best value we can.

Oh, and if you voted "leave" then please "leave" your politics at home this summer.

Valais Alpine Conditions

~ Tuesday 21st June 2016

Summer solstice today, the longest day of the year. Conditions in the Valais are anything but summery though - plenty of snow left over from the spring and some big recent storms have left very unseasonal conditions above 2500m. We climbed the Pointe de Mourti yesterday. This is usually a rocky scramble with a couple of steeper rock steps, but yesterday was more of a mini-Alaska - no rock, no track, but great fun and a satisfying summit!

It's not all bad news though. The forecast is good and in a few days there should, fingers crossed, be some very good conditions as the snow packs down. It might be a while before the higher rock ridges dry out, but glaciers should be well covered and maybe the snow routes will be in unusually good conditions this year.

Mont Blanc Preparation

~ Monday 13th June 2016

Our Alpine Mountaineering Courses started this week and with snowy conditions we decided to ski up la Luette for some Mont Blanc acclimatisation, skinning right onto the summit. Not the best weather, but some good turns on the way down. Snowshoes or skis will be helpful for a while yet!

We met one other team in the Dix hut winter room who are planning to stay all week! The hut opens fully on 25 June - a late start this season.

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