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Slightly Steeper Week

~ Monday 28th March 2016

The "Slightly Steeper" Ski Tours week provided some excellent skiing and some challenging moments as usual - this is a week that does exactly what it says on the tin! With no recent fresh snow, Arolla still had plenty of untracked slopes, and day one started with 600m of fresh tracks off the Mont Rouge.

Day 2 saw us climbing to the Vignettes hut, and rattling down some surprisingly windblown snow through the spectacular scenery of the Vuibé glacier. Challenging skiing, but a great descent.

On day 3 we made the long climb to the Pallanche de la Cretta. The West face is rarely skied, but looked perfect...and it was!

Pallanche de la Crettaz, mountain guide, ski tour

Tired legs and cloudy weather sent us to Nax, where the lift system can take the strain. The shady side of Mont Noble was so good we did 4 laps, each time with a quick 250m skin back into the lift area.

British Mountain Guide, steep skiing

Good weather again on Thursday so we went to Mont de l'Étoile. The south face had excellent spring snow and had escaped the Foehn-blasting which seemed to have wrecked the higher North faces.

We finished the week in Evolene with a slightly disappointing ski on Pic d'Artsinol, and a very fine descent of Rionde de Vendes! A fine end to a great week.

Eagle Ski Club Grimentz Week

~ Saturday 12th March 2016

This Eagle Ski Club week proved so popular in the past that we decided to run 2 courses a year and it still books up fast. Grimentz and Zinal - the Val d'Anniviers - is increasingly well-known in the ski world yet still manages to provide a unique mix of great lift access with great off-piste and day touring whilst not being too busy. The queues in the Coop are bigger than any you'll find on the mountain, and as usual last week surpassed all expectations!

Eagle Ski Club Ski Touring Grimentz

Grimentz Ski Guide Val d'Anniviers Zinal

British Mountain Guide, Eagle Ski Club Ski Touring

On Wednesday we had to deliver a pot of paint to Vercorin...via Rechy and Mont Noble. It's a long story!

Graham Frost Mountain Guide Skiing Mont Noble

Mont Noble Ski Guide Graham Frost

British Mountain Guide Graham Frost Skis Mont Noble

Moiry Dam descent with British Mountain Guide

British Mountain Guide ski touring Grimentz

Val d'Hérens Day Tours

~ Saturday 5th March 2016

Last weeks Val d'Hérens Ski Tours saw challenging weather at times (although nice by Norwegian standards apparently!) but that meant we had great snow and miles of great ski touring. Not just untracked snow - whole, untracked mountains! We skied at Nax, Arolla, Col des Ignes, Pallanche de la Cretta, Evolene - Pic d'Artsinol, and Col de Bréona, and some days saw more Chamois than skiers...

British Mountain Guide, guided ski touring Arolla

Guided off piste skiing

Col des Ignes mountain guide ski day tours

Evolene day tours ski guide Graham Frost

Tree Skiing on guided ski tour week

Evolene mountain guide skiing

Arolla Mountain Guide Ski Climbing

dent blanche mountain guide

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