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Skiing the Tsalion East Face

~ Friday 10th April 2015

Today was a day off work but perfect weather and a keen partner meant no lie-in. An evening recce up the Ferpecle road found reports of good conditions from various teams walking out down the road, so we set off early for the long skin to the Col de la Tsa.

Emerging into the sun at the col, we continued to the foot of the Dent de Tsalion.

Every time I've been up the Dent de Tsalion I've looked down the East face and wondered if it would be skiable. Today, there were 3 tracks and some perfect looking snow...

Steep skiing on the Tsalion East Face

"The first turn is the steepest", and not without consequences here! The next few turns are pretty steep too, with considerable atmosphere tucked in close to the serac.

Lower down, the angle relents as the slope opens out, and the snow was perfect.

Skiing the Mont Miné Glacier with Frost Guiding

Fast skiing on spring snow down the lower Glacier du Mont Miné, a quick shuffle through the bushes and an easy slide down the still-snow-covered road and that was the end of a fantastic day on a descent I've dreamed about for years. Skiing adventure at its' best!

Arolla Ski Touring At its best!

~ Friday 10th April 2015

It's been a busy and varied week in Arolla with some of the best weather and snow of the winter. The only bad weather of the week on Sunday gave us some great ski conditions, and a not-too-hot ascent to the Cabane des Aiguilles Rouges in the afternoon. There, we were well placed for a quick skin to the Point de Vouasson, and a brilliant ski down the shady side of the Mont de l'Étoile.

Glorious morning light climbing the Point de Vouasson

Skiing the shady side of Mont de l'Étoile on the way to la Couta

Next, it was off to the Cabane des Dix with a "father and sons" team, and a great afternoon ski down the Col de Cheilon. The following day was clear but cold and windy, with stunning views from the Pigne d'Arolla summit before a challenging ski in windblown snow down to the Cabane des Vignettes.

Skiing fresh tracks below the Col de Cheilon

In the sun at last touring on the Pigne d'Arolla

Tricky windblown snow, but great views on the way to Vignettes

A very scenic tour to the Pointe d'Oren before returning to Arolla rounded off 3 days off excellent touring.

Summit of the point d'Oren

Eagle Ski Club Slightly Steeper Week (Part 2)

~ Saturday 4th April 2015

We did a lot of "Slightly Steeper" skiing this week, so it's a two-part blog...

Climbing out of the clouds on Mont Rouge

Skinning the top slope. Pigne d'Arolla and Mont Blanc de Cheilon in the background

Fine views of the Perroc, Dent Blanche, Tsalion and Tsa

David's birthday turns!

We'd been lucky with the weather all week, but Friday our luck ran out. Having already switched to plan B to avoid the clouds, we skinned up the Pallanche de la Cretta in deteriorating conditions.

It's not all blue skies...

On the same week last year we came up here hoping to ski the north gully below the summit, and today we were frustrated again. Maybe next year!

The summit... I think.

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