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Rock Climbing

~ Tuesday 30th June 2009

 Climbing yesterday at a crag near Champex - La Dyure. This is a great spot, lovely setting in the woods above Champex d'en Bas, good rock, and excellent bolting. Flattering grading too! There are 3 routes up to 7 seven pitches. We climbed Moments Authentiques, 6b. 

Pitch 5

Pitch 6, 6b

Mont Blanc

~ Saturday 27th June 2009

Another Mont Blanc success!

The start of the week was quite snowy and windy - we climbed the Aiguille du Tour in "scottish" weather after a bit of navigation via the Col du Midi des Grands and were rewarded by a great view from the top as the clouds finally cleared.

The weather for Thursday was looking good...until a French guide arrived in the hut with a forecast of late morning storms. To beat the weather we left early after a midnight "breakfast". Conditions were good on the Gouter ridge and 90 minutes later we had second breakfast at the Gouter hut. We reached the top at 6.35am - great views and perfect weather. Back to the Gouter hut for third breakfast at 9.00am, down the ridge to the Tete Rousse - fourth breakfast? - and still more downhill to the train, cable car and a very slow drive home. Excellent day.

On top!

Mont Blanc Success

~ Friday 19th June 2009

 A great start to the summer reaching the top of Mont Blanc yesterday!

The start of the week was a battle with the weather and some random forecasts, but we still climbed the Aiguille du Tour and Tete Blanche - both are perfect for acclimatising and training for Mont Blanc.

Climbing the Aiguille du Tour

Tete Blanche



                                     By Tuesday we were ready for Mont Blanc. We climbed the Gouter route, leaving the Tete Rousse hut at 2.00am and reaching the top at 9 o'clock. Great weather and good conditions all the way.

Mont Blanc summit on a perfect day


 Smiles on the summit!

Chamonix Climbing

~ Tuesday 9th June 2009

Yes, the "summer" season is here, although skis would have been useful yesterday! Bad weather over the weekend has left about 40cm of fresh snow at 3500m, and like the rest of the winter the wind has blown a lot of snow around so there are some big drifts. 

I was climbing in Chamonix yesterday. Some pictures here of the Cosmiques Arete, Aiguille du Midi - great climbing despite the weather!

We started up the Arete a Laurence. This is the ridge below the Cosmiques  hut, starting from the col du Midi, and it's a good extension to the Cosmiques Arete when well snow covered.

Hello to the 5 British guys we passed - apologies for barging through! I hope you all made the last lift...


Will on Arete a Laurence

Scottish weather in the gully left of the normal route

The last pitch


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