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Today's Ice

~ Sunday 28th December 2008

Fantastic 4 pitch route, 45 mins walk, bolted descent, no-one else around. Excellent day!

Cascade de Bonatchiesse, III 5(?)

Superb wall, Pitch 3

Ice Conditions

~ Saturday 27th December 2008

Back to cold weather this weekend. The warm spell stripped lots of the lower icefalls but conditions are excellent a bit higher up.

This is today, somewhere in Switzerland...

no shortage of ice here!

Ice climbing

~ Sunday 21st December 2008

There's a lot of snow here but still some good ice climbing. There aren't many folk out climbing - in the last 4 days we've seen 2 other pairs of climbers. This means extra effort making tracks, but we've had routes to ourselves.

The snow and warm temperatures means plenty of running water, and with the return of cold weather tomorrow conditions should soon be excellent. 

Charlie's first outdoor (!) ice at la Gouille

A snowy finish to l'Usine Électrique

Trying leashless tools

Amazing Ski conditions

~ Thursday 18th December 2008

A fantastic day at Arolla, with blue skies, boot deep powder and no-one else around. The lifts open here this weekend and the ski season is off to a great start with snow depth in the Swiss alps around double the average for this time of year -

Aspirant guide Hannah Burrows-Smith knee deep

Powder all the way to the valley

Powder skiing

~ Sunday 7th December 2008

Blue skies, knee deep and 4 other skiers - fantastic early season skiing in Evolene today. Still no lifts - they open here the weekend before Christmas - but the skiing is so good it's well worth the uphill. It's 1200m vertical drop from the top - powder all the way to the car.

Deep fresh tracks



Ice climbing in Arolla

~ Wednesday 3rd December 2008

First ice routes of the year today in Arolla. Very good conditions on L'Usine Électrique and Cascade de la Fenetre at Arolla. There were climbers at La Gouille too, and all the other routes are building up fast, so things look good for the climbing season and there's more cold - but not too cold - weather forecast!

Pitch 1, l'Usine Électrique, Arolla

Pitch 2, l'Usine Électrique, Arolla

Cascade de la Fenetre

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