Winter is Coming!

~ Friday 7th December 2018

"Winter is coming!" This is my current favourite SBO* (and my second favourite TLA) Duh! Of course it's coming. (There's an outside chance that this is a subtle twist on the Christmas Turkey heuristic)

I've been trying to prolong the summer in Spain while others have already been out skiing - 3 weeks on skis already for some! - but looking at the forecast it's definitely time to start the pre-winter checklist...

I've got a pair of Dynafit Hoji this winter. The short toe and lack of conventional lug mean you can't use a metal toe-bail crampon, but this is a 12 point Petzl Vasak. Seems a good fit. The 10 point Petzl Irvis is lighter but has the same toe-bail and also fits fine.

*"Statement of the Bloody Obvious". Not "Small Bowel Obstruction". I googled it.

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