Introduction to Alpine Climbing

~ Tuesday 19th July 2016

Here are a few pictures from last week's Intro Alpine Course. Thanks to Andy Perkins for the photos and for running the course!

The 3 guests were all fit, and regular indoor wall climbers, looking for an instructional week before setting off together to climb in the Alps. The Moiry glacier is an ideal spot for day 1 glacier training on the way to the Moiry hut.

Day 2 brought perfect conditions for the Pointe de Mourti, and time to put into practice some of the skills from day 1

Unfortunately the Alps forgot it was summer - it rained, then snowed! The enforced valley day turned into an intensive skill-training session, with regular tea-breaks!

In more mixed weather the team headed over to the Dix hut ready for more big peaks.

La Luette provided a character-building battle with more unseasonal weather, and the ridges around the Pas de Chevre turned into excellent ground for learning to lead and move together, making a good finale to a thorough week's instruction.

Happily the following weekend saw the return of summer, and the guys took their new knowledge back to the Dix hut, climbing the Mont Blanc de Cheilon and Pigne d'Arolla in perfect summer conditions.

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