Alpine Climbs Guided in 2015

~ Saturday 19th September 2015

Frost in the garden and fresh snow in the hills, worn-out boots and tired legs - sure signs of autumn and the end of the summer season here in the Alps. Time to look back and reflect on an exceptional alpine summer...

Big thanks to everyone who's made it such a good season - clients, guides, Judith (and Mike!) Claudia at the Mélezes and everyone else who's helped. Hope to see you all again next year!

Dent Blanche

From memory, I've guided these alpine routes this a few rock climbing days and some via ferrata.


- Courone de Bréona traverse x3

- Dent Blanche South ridge x2

- Aiguille de la Tsa x2

- La Luette

- Eveque traverse x2

- Pigne d'Arolla traverse x2

- Pigne-Mont Blanc de Cheilon traverse x3

- Mont Blanc de Cheilon normal route x2


- Pointe de Mourti - Dent des Rosses traverse x4!

Grand Mountet

- Besso-Blanc de Moming traverse

- Mammouth traverse


- Matterhorn Hornli ridge x2

- Monte Rosa West Ridge

- Taschorn South ridge


- Dri Hornli

- Weissmies traverse

- Portjengrat


- Balmhorn

- Aiguille du Tour

- Aiguille d'Argentiere Whymper route

- Mont Dolent normal route from Fiorio bivvy

- Perrons traverse x2

- Wiwannihorn Ostgrat and Steinadler

Plus a long list of routes climbed by other Frost Guiding teams...

Weisshorn East ridge, Obergabelhorn Arbengrat, Eiger Mittelegi x3, Alphubel Rotgrat, Tsalion West Ridge, Douves Blanches, Salbit South Ridge, Finsteraarhorn, Monch, Jungfrau, Breithorn, Pollux, Castor, Lyskamm, Nordend, Mt Vélan Hannibal ridge, Mont Blanc, Stockhorn South Ridge, Bietschorn, and I'm sure I've forgotten a few...

Aiguille de la Tsa

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