Climbing the Tsa, Besso and Blanc de Moming

~ Saturday 29th August 2015

This week's Alpine Progression Course, like last week, started with some pretty poor weather - rain in the valley and snow high up. Good for the glaciers but not so nice for the Bertol hut walk-in! We were slightly damp by the time we reached the hut, and we spent the afternoon nervously watching the snow fall and wondering why there was no-one else there...

Happily the morning brought perfect weather and a beautiful day on a snowy Aiguille de la Tsa.

Dawn light over the Dent Blanche, Matterhorn and Dent d'Hérens

Snowy climbing on the Tsa top pitch

Re-fuelled and ready for more we tackled the "long but scenic" approach to the Grand Mountet hut on Tuesday. Plan A had been the Zinal Rothorn but it was still looking plastered with snow, so we aimed for Besso instead. This is a good plan B, with lots of climbing on solid red rock, great positions and fine views (and a bit of Valais rubble thrown in for good measure)

Fine climbing on good, red rock on Besso

Down-climbing the fine arete that leads to Blanc de Moming

And back up the first pinnacle

There are several pinnacles, some you go round, some you have to go over...

Great intermediate climbing with Frost Guiding

It's hard not to be distracted by the view from Blanc de Moming

Guarding the cairn!

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