Ceuse Rock Climbing

~ Thursday 11th June 2015

Just back from a week in Ceuse, near Gap in the South of France. Ceuse is arguably one of the best cliffs in Provence, which makes it one of the best in France, which makes it one of the world's best. It's famous for very hard climbing on perfect, pocketed rock, but luckily has lots of great climbing in the mid grades too. It's high, so not too hot in the summer, and has a great campsite at the bottom. The catch is the the walk-in - a stiff hour or so uphill from the campsite, laden with a huge 80m rope - ideal preparation for the imminent summer Alpine season! Climbing partner for the week was our Webmaster "FreeRange" Chris, but we got the work stuff out of the way quickly and the rest was pure holiday.

Day 1 warm-up at Demi-Lune

Luke from London going for it on Super Mickey

Finnish Anna going for it on Privilege du Serpent

Chris on Tabernac

Afternoon storms approach

A quick Éole route before catching the train

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