Arolla Ski Touring

~ Thursday 19th March 2015

It's been a funny old week. Fresh snowfall is a distant memory, and with endless sun it feels more Easter than mid-March, yet there's still plenty of good ski touring in Arolla. It's not all about powder after all! The hills have been oddly quiet this week too. Today was a public holiday so there were a few teams heading to the Pas de Chevre, but none turned right to Mont Rouge, and the rest of the week we've had the place to ourselves.

All terrain skinning

Still some soft snow on shady slopes. Un-tracked in the NE face of Mont Noble.

Using the Arolla lifts gives access to a great shady descent to the Vallon des Ignes, and avoids the 500m of steep skinning from la Gouille on the way to Mont de l'Étoile. 1000m up for 1900m down!

Charging into the Ignes Couloirs on the way to...

...Mont de l'Étoile.

Great views from the summit.

Steep climb to Mont Rouge

Perfect spring snow on the descent

Spot the snowboarder in the huge north face of Tseina Reifien

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