Eagle Ski Club Grimentz (Pt1)

~ Saturday 14th March 2015

Here's Part 1 of a huge blog after yet another great week Day Touring in Grimentz with the Eagle Ski Club. The mood in the Moiry Hotel on Saturday evening wasn't too upbeat - everyone had seen the forecast of warm temperatures and absolutely no snowfall, and it was T-shirt weather in Grimentz. However, with plenty of skiing on all aspects, the Val d'Anniviers area again delivered a week of excellent skiing with lots of fresh tracks - and the odd bit of "character building" snow to provide the necessary learning opportunities!

Big turns in the Vallon de Réchy

Hiking up the Tsa

Col de la Brinta, with fine views of the Weisshorn, Bishorn, Zinal Rothorn, Obergabelhorn

Skiing into the Col de Tsan

Cloud of the week over the Weisshorn

Crash landing!Sensible bird decided to walk home.

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