Grimentz Ski Touring and Backcountry

~ Saturday 10th January 2015

Rumours of "no snow" in the Alps are exaggerated...a little bit. It's fair to say there's not much snow, but there was enough for some good skiing last week with the Eagle Ski Club in Grimentz, Zinal and St Luc.

Skiing off the top of la Brinta

Fresh tracks off the Grands Plans lift

Great snow below la Brinta

Big turns on the way to the Weishorn hotel!

Thin, early-season snow-cover always creates 2 problems - avalanche risk and lots of rocks to hit - so it's worth being very wary off-piste. Many of the usual big descents are dangerous or un-skiable, but with a bit of careful choice there's still some good touring around. It will need a lot of snow to sort things out, and a huge amount to properly cover the bare ground where the thin cover has already avalanched. In Particular the steep gullies in Grimentz, the main entry to the Orzival valley, and the East side of Col de la Brinta have all avalanched to the ground this week.

Looking into the Orzival bowl just after it was blasted

The face right of the top chair in Grimentz - a remote release by skiers on the tracks visible.

East face of Col de la Brinta - the return from Rechy.

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