Tete Blanche and Ferpecle Glacier

~ Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Back up to the Bertol hut and Tete Blanche again this morning, a great local ski tour made more complex than usual as you first have to find your way through the military base that's appeared in the Arolla car park in preparation for next week's Patrouille des Glaciers. Anyway, we sneaked through and soon were skinning...then walking up the dry footpath to Plan de Bertol.

Dry path with posts in place for the PDG safety nets.

Checkpoint tent at Plan de Bertol.

Nice ski off the top of the Tete Blanche, heading for the Dent Blanche hut

...then turning left and down beneath the Mota Rota

There was a clear winner in the "who can do the most turns" contest

Tricky exit down the stream bed

Then some combat walking down the Ferpecle road, which has suffered badly this winter!

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