Grimentz and Zinal Off Piste

~ Saturday 25th January 2014

 Just another average day in Grimentz and Zinal. You know, miles of untracked powder, no queues, perfect weather. 

Despite confusing rumours the new Grimentz-Zinal (or is it Zinal-Grimentz?) lift opened this morning. Worryingly the lift drivers had been drinking heavily prior to the first run...

It was worth the risk though. CHF25 000 000 well spent. 

After a perfect run down to the dam there was very little enthusiasm for "Couloir Saxlund". 


Morning in Zinal, back in Grimentz for the afternoon. 

Can't get no satisfaction? Straight off a lift on a sunny Saturday afternoon, we didn't touch a track for miles. Sssshhhh! Don't tell anyone, it's the secret ski resort!

 After a second run of untracked powder we all agreed that Peter Hardy doesn't know his rocker from his sidecut, and that it might just be worth skiing off piste this winter after all. 

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