Summer News

~ Sunday 16th June 2013

 It's been a week of contrasts. Firstly a very snowy and cloudy ascent of the Cosmiques Arete in Chamonix. So much snow that most of the rock pitches are buried, and half of the people in the lift were skiing. 

Next, a warm sunny morning driving the bus for paragliders with the Evolene Parapente School 2 flights from high up at the Étoile on a perfect day .

Then the Roc Vieux in les Hauderes fell down. Well, not all of it but it was impressive enough...

Today it was the Raid Evolenard mountain bike race. Perfect weather, if a little hot, and lots of competitors. Amazing to think that only a week ago the course was still snowy above l'Étoile. Summer is here!



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