Vallée Blanche Touring

~ Friday 10th May 2013

 Pictures here from a couple of trips to the Midi in Chamonix. Other ski areas are all closed or closing now, but the Midi still has great skiing. The bottom of the Vallée Blanche is getting wetter and rockier by the day but we still skied right to the stairs up to the little lift on Thursday. Up high it's peak season for steep skiers - teams on the Midi North face, Tour Ronde north face, normal and Gervasutti couloir plus lots of other stuff. There seems to be a lively British steep scene in Chamonix

We've had 2 good trips, once touring over to Hellbronner and down the right bank Vallée "Noire" with fresh tracks all the way, then Thursday up the Tour Ronde normal route before skiing great snow down the Vallée Noire again. 

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