Gran Paradiso Ski Touring

~ Saturday 30th March 2013

 Driven away from Switzerland by the terrible forecast we headed for the Gran Paradiso, where the sun (almost) always shines. This time, sadly, it didn't but the food was great, the wine cheap and the Chabod hut welcome was as friendly as ever. Our attempt on the Gran Paradiso itself started well but soon the clouds rolled in and the approach from Chabod is unusually crevassed - not a good combination. Retreat wasn't too bad though, with 1000m of fresh tracks in deep snow. So good that after a quick skin back up to the hut for espresso, we did it again. 

resting on the way up...

Resting on the way up. 

resting on the way down!

Resting on the way down!


Movement make good telemark skis!

Real men drink...

Real men drink Ponce. 


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