Crans Montana Touring

~ Friday 3rd February 2012

 Just back from a 2 day ski touring trip staying overnight in the Wildstrubel hut winter room. Things started ominously with the highest Crans Montana lift being shut. Luckily we met the ski patrol boss, and after some begging we were soon riding up the closed cable car with him - thanks!

Leaving the Glacier de la Plaine Morte

Leaving the lift area there were no tracks, and we had the whole place to ourselves. A quick lunch at the hut then an ascent of the Tierberggrat in the afternoon provided a good intro to touring for my 2 clients - both Ironman athletes and keen for adventure. 

Skiing off the Tierberggrat

 Sunset from the hut

In the morning, inspired by the ski patrol boss' recommendation (sorry I've forgotten your name) we set off on a tour to the Barrage de Tseuzier. A long climb to the Rohrbachstein led to a long descent - from wild windy summit to the beautiful mayens of Mondraleche. Intricate route finding through cloudy forest led to the dam - now "only" the tunnels separated us from the road head at les Rousses... 

Skiing to Mondraleche


Entering the tunnel

Tunneling out of the tunnel!

Leaving the tunnel!

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