Pointe de Vouasson

~ Thursday 12th January 2012

 The Pointe de Vouasson is a classic "up and back " tour, either from the excellent Aiguilles Rouges hut (incidentally now a private hut and about to be renovated) or - as today - slogging all the way up there from la Gouille, a somewhat tiring 1700m. With stable snow the descent to Evolene makes a great trip - more down than up, with the down all north facing and on glacier for the top part. The descent starts on wide open glacier before a section of tricky route finding leads to more open slopes, all of it untracked powder. Arriving at the amusingly named Merdesson stream we skinned up into the Evolene ski area before skiing down through the Vouasson "mayens" and down past the lovely lac d'Arbey.

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