Powder in Evolene

~ Sunday 18th December 2011

 Well powder every where really, and plenty of it. Snow is like London buses, always too much or too little...

There's been a good 70-80cm of fresh snow at 1400m. Higher up there's been more fresh snow and plenty of wind creating some huge drifts. All this is lying on wet, unconsolidated old snow...

Both Arolla and Evolene were supposed to open today, but the Arolla road has been closed since Friday. In Evolene the road is open and the parking is neatly ploughed but there's no sign of the lifts opening, everyone who can drive a snowplough being busy elsewhere I guess. Still that's good news for tourers. The sky cleared enough to allow helicopter flying and furious blasting on both sides of the valley, which added an interesting dimension to the trailbreaking. All well worth it though, with a(nother) great ski below the mid-station. 

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