Summer Tick List

~ Thursday 13th October 2011

 It's been a good summer despite the dry start and the unsettled spell in July. Here's a list of routes guided this summer:

- Cosmiques Arete

- Pointe Lachenal Traverse

- Mont Blanc up the Gouter route - great condition in early season

- 2x Miroir d'Argentine Direct Route 

- Mont Blanc de Cheilon Normal Route

- Mont Blanc de Cheilon Traverse 4(!) times. Once from Vignettes over the Pigne, once from Dix west-east, once from Dix west-east over the Pigne and on to the Vignettes, once from Dix east-west. Each time the traverse was deserted

- 2x Eveque Traverse, once from Bouquetins, once from Vignettes. Just us the first time, 1 other team the second. 

- Dent Blanche South Ridge

- Tete Blanche from Bertol to Dent Blanche hut

- 2x Bishorn normal route, once breaking trail all the way

- Pigne de la Lé, Pointes de Mourti, Dent de Rosse

- Grand Cornier South ridge from the bivvy hut

- 2x Nadelhorn normal route from Bordier with the Ulrichshorn, and once from Mischabel with just us on the mountain - in fact just 3 of us in the hut.. 

- 2x Zinal Rothorn North ridge, just us on the mountain second time. 

- 2x Matterhorn Hornli ridge

- Lagginhorn South ridge (just us)

- Weismies North Ridge - again, just us on the route. 

- 4x Couronne de Bréona traverse. Met another team once. 

- Lenzspitz-Nadelhorn via ENE ridge. Climbed with another pair in snowy conditions. 

- Gran Paradiso north face. Perfect condition, and deserted. 

- Rimpfischorn normal route from Tasch hutte

- Alphubel normal route from Tasch hut - just 2 of us on a cloudy day. 

- Alphubel Rotgrat



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