Arolla Conditions

~ Saturday 25th June 2011

 Here are a few pictues from the last couple of days around Arolla - 2 nights at the Dix hut with ascents of the Cheilon normal route and a breezy traverse of the Pigne d'Arolla today. 

Excellent conditions on the Mont Blanc de Cheilon, although the summit ridge is still corniced and needs careful footwork. 

Going has been soft recently but a clear night and a good freeze sorted the snow out for the Pigne today - firm all the way. The Dix side looks well filled in but the snow cover is thin and some big holes are already appearing. 

Despite leaving under a clear sky with no wind, by the time we reached the Serpentine it was cloudy and blowing a gale - on top it was hard to stand up. Luckily we quickly dropped out of the cloud and snow stayed firmish for the descent. 

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