Ski Touring Arolla

~ Saturday 12th March 2011

 Excellent skiing the last 2 days on the Col des Ignes and Pointe de Vouasson. The top lift at Arolla has broken down so there's an extra 45 minutes of skinning but it meant the the area was deserted - we saw 2 other tourers all day. The lift broke when someone slalomed the wrong side of a pylon, breaking a crucial piece which has to be specially made. The ski area team have worked extra hard this year to keep the skiing in great shape and it's a real pity that a moment's silliness can ruin the busiest weekend of the season for them.

Surprisingly for a winter with very little snow the Cassorte couloir is well filled and - steeply! - skiable, and we were able to ski all the way to the café in la Gouille for well earned chips. 

Broken ski lift

Cassorte couloir

Col des Ignes NE side

 Yesterday we set off for the long haul up the Pointe de Vouasson - 1600m from the road and much of it in the sun, so it felt like a long way. Worth the effort though - the north facing descent to Evolene was still good with fresh powder and good snow on the steep bit. Excellent. 

 Spring snow!

NE face Pointe de Vouasson

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