Mont Blanc

~ Saturday 27th June 2009

Another Mont Blanc success!

The start of the week was quite snowy and windy - we climbed the Aiguille du Tour in "scottish" weather after a bit of navigation via the Col du Midi des Grands and were rewarded by a great view from the top as the clouds finally cleared.

The weather for Thursday was looking good...until a French guide arrived in the hut with a forecast of late morning storms. To beat the weather we left early after a midnight "breakfast". Conditions were good on the Gouter ridge and 90 minutes later we had second breakfast at the Gouter hut. We reached the top at 6.35am - great views and perfect weather. Back to the Gouter hut for third breakfast at 9.00am, down the ridge to the Tete Rousse - fourth breakfast? - and still more downhill to the train, cable car and a very slow drive home. Excellent day.

On top!

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