Arolla Ski Conditions

~ Wednesday 18th March 2009

 One for next weeks Eagle ski club group!

Today I was over at the Dix hut. Pics here of Mont Blanc de Cheilon and la Luette. Both are in good ski condition now after the recent warm weather, which has been perfect for stabilising snow. Today I found everything from powder to spring snow depending on altitude and aspect.

Cheilon north face from the Dix hut

La Luette from Dix hut

Mont Blanc de cheilon north face from the Dix hut                                                 





                                                                And here are views from Pallanche de la Crettaz (Friday). This is a good day tour above les Hauderes - an unrelenting 1200m climb rewarded by excellent spring snow skiing. 

View to the Weishorn and Zinal Rothorn

Pointe de Vouasson north face

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