Sustainability Policy


It's clear that flying and eating a meat-based diet leave a big carbon footprint - and these are both habits we can change together.

We're changing the way we work to protect our planet, please join us in our new approach to guiding.

Frost Guiding commits to change:

  • Encourage clients to travel without flying
  • Serve fewer meat based meals
  • Use different cleaning products/system (94% lower CO2 emissions)
  • Use 100% renewable electricity (Val d'Herens is 100% Hydro/Solar)
  • Reduced plastic waste (e.g. we now use paper sandwich bags for packed lunches)
  • Replaced the diesel minibus with an electric car

What can our clients do?

  • Travel by train/bus instead of flying (we are happy to advise you on train routes from the UK and connections from Eurostar terminal in Paris)
  • Car Share (we'll help you organise)
  • Use electric car (you can charge for free at our chalet)
  • Opt for vegetarian meals in our chalet and in huts
  • Don't buy bottled water in huts
  • Use sandwich boxes instead of plastic bags for hill food

The details....

  • If you would like help organising rail travel, just email us:
  • If you would like to car share, email us with your dates of travel and departure location and we'll share them with other clients and guides
  • Let us know if you'd like a vegetarian diet on your booking form (we're going to serve less meat anyway!)

Current Carshare Opportunities:

Nothing for now. Let us know if you're looking for a carshare and be the first for 2024!
Just email with your travel dates and where you're setting out from.